Hello, I’m entropy, but call me simi

Posted on March 16, 2017

Hello, I’m entropy, but call me simi.

I am from Europe/Austria and my english is a little bit rusty since i didn’t need it for a year.
Feel free to correct me, idc.

Well, i have depression, sometimes more, sometimes less, mostly at night and it wants to rob my will to see tomorrow, but I will fight!
And yes, thats it, I feel very very lonely, but it’s somehow ironic I think, because I always have people around me, my parents, friends or colleagues.
But there’s no one in my life I love. I hate my parents for different reasons. No girlfriend, because I’m a bit shy and don’t know how to start a meaningful conversation with a random girl.
So the loneliness is eating my mind, digging into me like a river diggs into a canyon.

So I searched and found this place. Maybe there is someone here who feels the same loneliness I feel, who just wants to talk.
Although I’m also okay with talking to random people, getting to know some new views and personalities 🙂

Helping people is also a reason why I’m here.
I really like answering questions 😀 and I thought about many things and I know many things.
Maybe I can help someone who reads this, it would make me happy ;), just ask me anything and I hope I can give a good answer.

All the best,


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    Welcome Simi! I hope you enjoy and find what you’re looking for on CA 🙂

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    A bit late, but welcome simi!

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