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I dont know when but i think my suicide is inevitable.  Nothing changes. I go from a shitty place to a shitty place. Whether its worse or not doesnt matter.  Im not happy.  I tried. I wanted to be. It never happens. I see no point continuing on this path. Its just more of the same unhappiness, the frustration of being stuck, the worthless attempts at trying to do something I can be proud of and happy with.  When i first went into nursing i thought it was something id like, something i could be happy with, id finally have a life im proud of. Im not. Im miserable and ashamed. I gave up trying. Whats the point? It never amounts to anything. I thought i had an in on a good job id like. A recruit... »


Welcome to Colorful Asylum »


My husband and I are having some trouble communicating. He agreed to counseling but I am having trouble finding a therapist on our insurance with evening appointments. Work is pressure, We are down 2 people and I have projects to work on. But, everything is fine, fine, fine Oh, and Happy Easter! »


I am here for support. Some may know me, a few might hate me but at the end of the day, I can only be me »

How I feel

Hello guys, I am so grateful for this website and all of the opportunities that gives us. I feel like I am the king of the kingdom. I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more responsibilities and have matured more it’s an adult now that I have open this website for you guys.  I know I’m not perfect but I kind of feel like I let you guys down a lot more than I should. I know I’m not a professional and this is not anyways professional website but we manage the best we can.  I do wish that there’s more that I can do for you guys instead of being here just strictly to chat with you guys but that’s the way goes I guess. Being a busy college student is very hard while a... »