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I tried to overdose on pills, pills that are supposed to help, but don’t. I am running out of options on this one, this life that I have been forced to live is quite boring. I have been thinking of ending it, but why not keep watching the video, like the chicken in “Robot Chicken”? Our dear leaders in Washington have made living such a pain in my ass, while they enrich themselves in our tears of dread. We send them from each state for them to vote against their own views, to win the next election. This is lives we are talking about, people will fucking die if they don’t act like adults, as McCain so elegantly put it. We lack politicians who want to work for us, but for their puppetmasters. I want to die based on our terrible world that can be nuked 100s of times over, the cry of so many disabled folks does matter to our evangelical Christian folk. They view them, our suffering with a grain of salt since we don’t fall upon our sinful knees, to molest our brains with their agenda if a God that is brutal, yet kind in some horrific way. What is there to lose? I guess this dose of reality television we are living is more entertaining than death, but somedays I wonder….. fuck life, but we have to coexist, till then.

Ash's Birthday in 2016
Disconnect From Reality

Ash Lee
“I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

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