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Campy Horror Game Simulator 2000

I spent Friday the 13th, playing Friday the 13th. Ash enjoyed watching me playing as the camp counselors and I enjoyed getting a perfect 7/7, which is the featured video!

A quick review of Friday The 13th: The Game. It is one of the better horror games out there that is multiplayer. Think survival horror, except it is 7 vs 1 in a very campy 80s style environment. The camp counselors are obviously weaker than Jason and must work as a team to stop them. Since finding this game, it has helped take my mind off of reality. Even though it is an M rated game, it has a lot of detective work. Finding the battery, keys, and gas to repair the car or boat to escape. Finding the fuse to fix the fuse box to call the police. You have twenty minutes to survive and you could simply just wait it out, which I have done personally.

For re-playability, the glitches make the game frustrating, but this game is updated a lot, they are constantly improving the game. The people at Gun Media has really tried to make this into the Rocket League of horror games in a way that they update and keep releasing DLC such as new emotes or even a beach fun pack outfits for your counselors. I quite enjoy the NES reference with the purple Jason and can say this game disappointed me on launch, but has grown on me.

On launch, I’d give it a 6/10 but now it is about a 9/10 when it functions at 100%. I can honestly say that I would play this over any other game I have!

Overall: 9/10

Graphics: 10/10 (It feels like you are actually in the movie in the 1980s horror scene).
Sound/Music: 9/10 (Again, it sounds like you are actually in the movie and 1980s when setting off the radio or when Jason approaches).
Controls: 7/10 (When the game works it is an 8 or a 9, sometimes luck gets you out of sticky situations).
Gameplay: 8/10 (No need to compete against anyone, unless you are Jason of course!).
Story: 10/10 (Note: I am a bit of a horror fanboy).
Length: N/A (It depends on how long you survive and how long the others survive or how long it takes to kill everyone. A math will last 20 minutes maximum).
Difficulty: 7/10 (It can be tough without looking up how to play the game, which I have done, most of the time I just ask someone in the game how to do something so I can enjoy the struggle).
Replay: 10/10 (Just like Rocket League, you can literally pick it up whenever and enjoy it).


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Colorful Asylum Plays Friday The 13th: The Game

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