Tuesday Tunes: Grass The Album By Keller and The Keels

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 In Blog Music

I recently got back into bluegrass, this album was released in 2006 but I discovered it on Spotify. Due to the fact that I enjoyed songs such as “Goofballs”, “Mary Jane’s Last Breakdown”, and  “Loser” for interesting takes on the bluegrass scene. Mary Jane’s Last Breakdown is a cover of “Last Dance With Mary Jane” by Tom Petty and “Loser” is a cover of the same song name by Beck. I did buy all three songs on iTunes last week so I can have them forever.

Enjoy as Tuesday’s Tunes are going to be my chance to share my musical tastes with fans of this blog. Tuesday Tunes can also be guest blogged too, so if you have some tunes you would like to share, create a playlist or get a link for me and we can talk.


– Tom

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