Performing Multiple Tasks With New Technology

Friday, January 12th, 2018 In Blog Educational Technology

Performing multiple tasks at one time is an amazing advancement of our computing abilities. Computing is changing for the better, with different companies working on artificial intelligence and special computers that can solve complex problems for our societies. Microsoft, for many years, has been investing time and money on parallel computing. Microsoft’s Brainwave can maintain 39.5 Teraflops of memory at one time (Mannes, 2017). Realistically, a human would never be able to perform as many calculations in their lifetimes, as even one teraflop, let alone thousands of humans. A supercomputer that can make those many calculations and be successful at it, is the future of our society. Artificial intelligence and calculation of complex problems seem to be the most popular parallel computing problems being researched. From IBM’s Watson to Microsoft’s Brainwave, we have technology that has many uses.

My smartphone has a camera, calculator, clock, stopwatch, music storage, calendar, web browser, phone, a texting application, place to store membership card information and other technologies. Cloud technology is another place that Microsoft is trying to beat the competitors and gain a foothold using Brainwave(Mannes, 2017). Computing processing power had been growing of late, performing many tasks at one time has its benefits. It provides large gains in productivity and accuracy (Peddie, 2017), which is long sought after due to human-errors causing headaches for businesses. We live in amazing times for multi-tasking computers, which leaves me to imagine what we may see in the future in terms of supercomputers. A smartphone in my hand right now has so much more technology than 20 devices from five years ago.


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