Bullet Journaling Re-start.

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After a year of not keeping up with my bullet journal. I have decided to update it and continue it. It looks pretty bad at first but then I realize that it isn’t about what other people think, it is about the content that it will bring to me. Reading back on the bullet journal, I am able to see what I did and some of the thoughts that the younger me was able to go through. My life working for the BLM a couple summers ago, my marriage, some troubles that we all go through in life suffering from our mood and mental disorders, and of course acceptance that I stopped journaling. I have finished about two and a half journals since 2013, but in those journals are a story that needs to be told.

When my mother was passing away, I was able to write in the journals and keep my life in check. I have found that keeping a few pages for my mood and a few other things that I enjoy doing are helping. Being able to see the mood progress from sad to happy to meh to disassociating is really helping me cope with my life. So far this year my average is a meh or content with reality. I am recovering from a concussion which I don’t remember much about, I fell during a support group and had to be rushed to the E.R. in our local city.

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