Infographic: Five Ways To Cope With Your Mental Illness

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Here are five ways to cope with your mental illness!

  1. Attend A Support Group

    Go to a support group to learn more about your illness by talking with peers who have been in your shoes and have lived it before!
    Examples: NAMI, DBSA, AA, NA, and others.
  2. Arts and Crafts

    Every one should find a hobby with their mental disorder as it helps us better cope with your mental illness. As you search for a coping mechanism, be sure to find what makes you happy during the long term.
    Examples: Coloring books, painting, staining wood, theater, drawing, journaling, molding and more.
  3. Exercise Your Body!

    Exercising can influence your mood, on the ability to think, reflex skills and health.
    Examples: Running, swimming, walking, jogging, going to a gym and hiking.
  4. Relax

    To prevent your illness from being triggered or becoming burned out from life, find a time and place to relax.

    Example: Watching a movie, drinking tea, doing meditation or even laying down.
  5. Education
    Learning something new can help you keep your mind off of the mental disorder. Learning about your mental illness can also help you develop self-awareness skills.

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