(UPDATED: 08/21/18) My Massive Online Multiplayer Game History

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Here is a list of massively multiplayer online games I have played in my lifetime. The list will grow as I get bored and feel like looking back.


(Note: as I work on this, I’ll add pictures of the games, and maybe some will be from me in-game!

Runescape Classic (2002 -2007)  I used to play this game all of the time. I was a paying member for a whole summer, which was some of the best fun I had. Runevillage shut down in 2013, which was a popular fansite and it is still archived by fans of the website. The owner of the website is dead now too. Character Name: Red Archerv. (Update 02/26/18: I tried logging into my account and it had been banned, I won’t be playing Runescape again.)
Yahoo Pool (the 1990s – 2014) R.I.P   One of those games that Yahoo released that required some skill, but got frustrating due to all the hackings. Yahoo took it down in 2014.
Furcadia (2002 – 2015)  I still pop by to see what people have patched into Furcadia. I used to create all sorts of Pixel Art for my maps. It is one of the oldest ones out there online still to this day! Character Names: Dzo, Tmstffrd (Update 01/20/18: Since Furcadia doesn’t support Mac anymore or it doesn’t work on my newer MacBook Pro, then I won’t play. It was nice playing Furcadia.)
Netropolis (2000-2002) Great business simulation game. My favorite feature is it is a daily simulation. You build a hotdog stand, and it makes money trying to get more money right. Well, you had to hire security and other stuff only to still have your building catch on fire because of firestorms, arson or some troll. It is always active. Netropolis III anyone? (Note: Maybe this is the reason I am going off to Business school?) 
Attack Retrieve Capture (2001 – 2004)R.I.P Best capture the flag game online in my opinion. It is dead though; even the website says Rest in Peace! (Note: OpenArc, however, exists if you want to give it a try!)
Get Tiffany (2000s) R.I.P. You competed against three others to win over Tiffany. . . She is taken now according to the website.

Club Penguin (2005- 2008?) Yes even I played Club Penguin, I am ashamed of this fact.
Habbo Hotel (2004) I tried it, and I didn’t like it, Furcadia was way better for my money.
Smallball (2005) Small ball was a great baseball simulator, it got boring though watching my teams steadily lose games.

2015 – 2016
Team Fortress 2 (2015-2017) I have to say this is an excellent game if you are bored and like shoot em ups. (Note: I stopped playing to play Fallout 4). 
Mitos.is (2016 – 2017) Addicting gameplay and is on steam. Just got to eat the bigger circle to get bigger.
Worm.is (2016 – 2017 Kind of like snakes only online multiplayer <3. Bawlhalla – Sucked as a fighting game on the mac.
Disc Jam – Easy game to unlock all the PSN trophies on! (I deleted it because it was too boring).
Killing Floor 2 – Boring.

Now in 2017/2018

Rocket League: I am pretty good, hit me up!

Tricky Towers: Fun to play with friends.

Friday The 13th: The Game: I have a few videos on the website about this!

Add me as on PlayStation Network as T1133157855!

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