Abuse Happens, Don’t Ignore It.

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 In Blog Cats

I used to believe that only women were able to be abused, but after living through the tough times with my wife, it is hard to fathom the kinds of things that transpired. She knew exactly what she was doing and hid under her mental illness like a pro as if she had done this same thing to other people in the past. It was like she knew exactly what to say to stop me from calling the police each time she slammed me against something, punched me in the face or flung a bottle at me. Not only did she abuse me, but she abused our animals on a regular basis.

She left a cat without food or water for days in her apartment as she took a joy ride to Indiana, she beat on our dog almost daily to a point where I had to convince her to give it to a family friend. She has thrown our current kittens against the wall to a point of them bleeding out their noses, one of them flinches when being touched.

I even question how I got a concussion because prior to falling at a meeting, I had no recollection of how I felt so dizzy, weeks later she hit me in the head with he hand and I have had dreams about her hitting me with a blunt object on the top of my head, I just wish that she wouldn’t use her anger of herself and hurt others. She hurts friends, her own family and now her own husband, all in a quest to feel better or some bullshit story.

So no, I will not be taking her back and I will not believe her story that she does not remember doing these actions. She knows what she is doing, as she said in court her doctor found nothing wrong with her, then she abused me on her own free will and isn’t being controlled by some mental illness that is most likely faked in order to abuse me further. As you all may know, she has pulled the same bullcrap multiple times over the past year. We had been together for almost two years before she had even decided to hurt me that first time. She cannot blame her mental illness if she tries so hard to disprove that it was her mental illness. What is it then? Abuse!

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