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Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 In Blog Updates

Today I would like to welcome our Tumblr account to our statistics list.

  1. So basically, On Twitter, we now have 55 followers up from 45 this time last week Woot woot!
  2. We have 24 likes on Facebook! Up from one last week! Facebook likes to throttle as you all may know!
  3. Pinterest is a tough one, we only have one follower but many people actually look at our pins there, exciting!
  4. Youtube has 8 subs and I am releasing a video later on tonight/tomorrow about Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month! It is March!!!
  5. On our Tumblr we have 0 Followers thus far, I made the account this morning!
  6. We have 84 total subscriptions to the Colorful Asylum’s website, that is up by about 30-40 people this week.

Tumblr and Pinterest are my major goals this week!

Thank you for reading, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to us on Youtube.

Warm regards,

– Colorful Asylum


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