Reflection on A Guidance Counselor That Bullied Me in 2017

Saturday, March 10th, 2018 In Blog Cerebral Palsy Mental Health

Bullies are everywhere, no matter how hard you try. Just the other day I expressed my feelings to a guidance counselor, she tried to use the fact that I was depressed against me and threatened to place me into a nursing home, which I felt was wrong of her to do. Stupid of me, I also let her know that my body was declining a bit from my old self and I couldn’t do some of the activities I used to do. She recommended a long-term care facility. What this person has been doing and still is doing is trying to remove me from my college, so that they don’t have to deal with me any longer. Threatening to kick someone out of their living arrangement because they are depressed is a form of discrimination and outright bullying.

The same has to do with the way people treat me when I try to fight for my rights. They tell me to leave her, that she is not worth it, that her mental illness is too horrible for me to deal with and I should find someone that is better. I don’t just throw away a relationship because people tell me to or the guidance counselor manipulates to try to get rid of me.

This problem all started when the guidance counselor made a decision based on falsehood and decided to take aggressive action against myself. After they got what they wanted, I became was homeless, without food and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do. I hope they are happy with all the problems that they’ve caused, because I am going to fight my hardest to be there to strive onwards. She is no advocate for the students, she is an advocate for toxicity.

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