Questions To Ask If You’re Having A Bad Day

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 Some Questions To Ask When Depressed

Am I hydrated?  If not, please make sure to hydrate by drinking some water or even drinking a cup of any sort of liquid such as soda as it has been proven to be as effective as water in hydrating you.

Am I hungry?  If so, go find something to eat. Low blood sugar can lead to frustrations.

Am I clean?  If it has been a while, consider hopping into the shower or if you are like me clean yourself up. I have mild urinary incontinence and if it happens, I just change my boxers.

Do I have to poop?  If you do, make sure to go use the bathroom as it is important. Sometimes in our busy lives, we get busy

Am I sleepy/fatigued?  If you are sleepy, please get ready for bed or take a nap. If you can’t fall asleep, get up and do something productive, but ban yourself from all devices for a while when trying to sleep.

Do I need to stretch my muscles?  If so, stand up right now. Go for a run, a jog or best yet do some yoga.

Am I negative?  If so, try to be positive. Thank someone for compliments or give out compliments. Write a list of 10 positive things in your life!

Am I listening to music?  If not, do it — sometimes listening to music will get you into a better mood.

Am I feeling ugly?  Go online and upload a photo of yourself for every one of your friends to see, it is good practice to duck lip it too. :3

Have I been to a therapist lately?  If you have not, please make an appointment to see someone or go to an emergency session.

Did they just change my meds?  If so, this might be why you are feeling down. Give them a chance to work out and if not complain to your nurse.

Have I waited a day/week?  If not, it is best to clearly think about your thoughts. Don’t make decisions based off of your symptoms, this has happened to me in the past and nothing ever comes out of it.

You are strong and loved, please call 911 or go to the emergency room if you feel the need to harm yourself. We all love you.

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