People Can Be Rude

Monday, March 19th, 2018 In Blog Relationships

I Respect Their Ability To Be Rude Though.

Someone that I had a fling with last summer was online, so I decided to see if she wanted to chat but I guess I am not good enough for her circle of friends because she was totally rude. I can’t believe that I had spent any qualifying time with her at all last summer, it seems like a waste to me. Some women are totally mean to people when you just want to spark up a conversation.

In all fairness though, I respect their wish to be rude, so I told them that this is exactly the reason they are single and blocked the person. May she find happiness in being a cold hearted person to someone else. This post isn’t about bashing a single person, but to vent my frustrations on the blog instead of texting my actual friends about this and bugging them about it. Maybe one day she will realize the facts instead of emotions. I do thank you all who read my blog. I miss being able to chat with everyone but I have decided to not engage with instant messaging services any longer due to past trauma associated with it. Being swatted by that woman in Wisconsin in May has made me not trust online friends.


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