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Monday, March 19th, 2018 In Blog Cerebral Palsy Politics

Donald Trump takes a dangerous approach by defunding programs that help the poor get out of poverty. Many of those programs that I took advantage of in the past will be cut. Without those job training programs, therapy programs and special accommodations for those with disabilities people will suffer.

Due to cerebral palsy, I would be an adult with severe speech impediments, awkward social skills and unable to hold down a job. Mr. Trump, you have done nothing but come after programs that help those who struggle since you took office in January. During the election, you openly mocked people with disabilities and got away with it. I am very proud of my accomplishments, for some of you on the conservative end of the spectrum, you will tell me about how I lifted myself up by my bootstraps.

Don’t Pray, Do Something!

I can hardly even tie my shoes without a struggle, I can hardly put on pants without a struggle, and I can’t even do certain activities without a struggle. Without those “Welfare Programs” I would be nothing but a statistic, I don’t want youth in similar situations being denied the right to live, denied the right to succeed in our world just because they happen to be different from one another.

This is not fake news, this is real life. Yes, I can physically climb mountains, but it is much harder than it looks. Yes, I can do all of these wonderful science experiments and wonderful things for our community, but I still struggle. I have never spoken of my struggles because it is frowned upon in society to talk about struggling. Some days I want to just not get up in the morning because my body struggles to keep the pace of a normal 27-year-old male.

I just want the same opportunities for those who are not well off. I won’t be as affected by Trump’s cuts as others, but that does not mean that I can’t sympathize with those who are in the same shoes as I was. Please, with no prayers or sympathy if you feel like doing something donate to a disability advocacy group such as UCP or Easter Seals.

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