Pre-existing Stigma in Full Force!

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 In Blog Politics

I am not a pre-existing condition!

I have cerebral palsy, which is a pre-existing condition. They should make being a Republican Congressman a pre-existing condition, as they have their head so far up the insurance industry’s ass that it should count as a pre-existing condition. I hope I am able to get affordable healthcare in my future, if not thank people like Congressman Mark Amodei and his goons for ruining my access to affordable healthcare. If you have any sort of heart U.S. Senator Dean Heller, you will vote against this bill that will kill many. I will die without proper access to healthcare. Shame on these thugs.

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness month, shame on these Republican politicians who care more about the NRA than the lives of their people!

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Trump MIA on Cerebral Palsy

Colorful Asylum

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