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Obsessing has taught me invaluable lessons.

A) I am not really a different person, instead of obsessing over politics, college, my beard or other things I have been obsessing over another thing

B) No matter how many times someone tells me how messed up in the head I am or how I need a shrink; I will point them to my GPA, recently successful grants and tell them to shove their negativity, where the sun doesn’t shine.

C) I obsessed over my college work for years, I poured tireless nights into it only to be given advice to not obsess, when it worked for years without a problem.

Obsessions lead to quite a bit of success in life for me, why quit doing what worked for not one, but multiple years. Obsessions are a way of life, without them I am dead inside, I will not change who I am as a human being to fit into some predefined or predetermined cookie cutter man, that would be rather boring.

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