Review: Various Mental Health Apps

Monday, March 26th, 2018 In Mental Health Reviews Technology

Apps for both the iPhone and Android


Teaches relaxation skills, develops new thinking and suggests healthy activities. It is useful for anyone even though it is made for youth.

PTSD Coach

Useful app to help combat veterans with their PTSD.

BellyBio Interactive Breathing

Monitors your breathing and plays ocean wave sounds when relaxing. Useful for Anxiety, panic, and stress.

Take a Break! Guided Meditations for Stress Relief

Listen to a seven-minute Work Break or 13-minute Stress Relief recording with or without music or nature sounds.

Operation Reach Out

Developed by the military to prevent suicide. Recorded videos and menu options help users assess their thinking and reach out for help in a crisis.

Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite

Meditation session for relaxation, helpful with anxiety and stress as well as a sleep aid.

T2 Mood Tracker

Tracks symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, stress and general well-being. Useful to share with clinicians and chart recovery. Developed by the Department of Defense National Center for Telehealth and Technology.

Relax and Sleep Well with Glenn Harold

Twenty-minute guided meditation with music to help you fall asleep. Relaxing and gentle.

Apps for only the iPhone


Allows users to check for symptoms of depression, anxiety, relationship issues, drug and alcohol issues, and other problems. It makes recommendations for action. Only for iPhone

Apps for only the Android

Positive Activity Jackpot

A unique augmented reality tool that uses the functionality of a smartphone in an innovative way. Combines a professional behavioral health therapy for depression called pleasant event scheduling (PES) with activities available in the user’s location, mapped with GPS. Only for Android.

Note: Consult a medical professional when using apps like these.

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