Update: March Coming To A Close

Thursday, March 29th, 2018 In Blog Updates

March 2018 Ends, Here Are Stats!

So it has been since about mid-march since my last update,

  1. I have been noticing that when I push the blog on twitter and facebook, that I am getting more hits.
  2. Using Twitter, we now have 71 followers which means that there are people following us on there. CA has made quite a few friends on there.
  3. CA is at 141 Published Public Posts, with the new one today and this update!
  4. I have six days scheduled, so up till April 5th.
  5. I have 27 posts in draft phase using the Method I use.
  6. We have 23 likes and 24 followers on Facebook! Again we are down one, which means Facebook is just not an option for us. I am going to keep posting on there but the scandals over data usage is killing it.
  7. Pinterest has the same one follower but over 250 people have seen our pins.
  8. Youtube has 9 subs! We have picked up one cool follower from the UK. our CA plays channel has three
  9. Tumblr still has 0 Followers, I like the layout though.
  10. We have 101 total subscriptions to the Colorful Asylum’s website.

Bar Charts

Yep, this month has been pretty good except the days that I had to work, which we bottomed out on.

Real Friends Are Hard To Find

I have found a real friend in a Woman that I am talking to. She isn’t mean to me at all and takes a lot of my troubles with a grain of salt. I really do like this friend of mine and she has a cute kitty too. Purr Purr.

I have been accused of being a pedophile, rapist and creep all in the past couple of weeks by multiple people. Most of them don’t know who I am or assume that I am this way. My message to them is to go fuck themselves.


Thank you for reading, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to us on Youtube.

Warm regards,

– Colorful Asylum


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