Homelessness in My Town

Sunday, April 8th, 2018 In Blog Politics

Homelessness In My Town

We are a city with limited resources, our state does not really fund us well when it comes to human services, but that does not mean we must ignore the issue.

There are plenty of things our city does do for the homeless including The new camp area that was designated by the city council, the church organizations that helps feed people, and other nonprofits. We do have a small homeless shelter, which is a good start. Plenty of good-hearted people who donate money, food, water and even shelter at some points to people who do become homeless.

Shaming the homeless because it is “their fault”, “they need to find a job”, “they need to go away”, and/or “they need to move away” is not a solution. Many of them have a mental illness and lack employability due to their disability. There are certain local politicians fighting for anti-homeless laws that will cost our city more money in legal battles, when we could use the money here to solve these issues instead of violating peoples civil liberties.

I know everyone tells me to read the constitution, read the bible, and read other scripture to learn more about human integrity. Nowhere in the bible is there a passage to shame, humiliate or criminalize homelessness. Other cities do this, which is unconstitutional, and leads to expensive court battles with civil rights organizations –

Panhandling: Courts have found begging to be protected speech.

Sleeping / Camping on public land: Courts have found that arresting homeless people for sleeping outside when no shelter space exists violates their Eighth Amendment right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

Sweeps / Searches: A seizure of property violates the Fourth Amendment when a governmental action unreasonably interferes with a person or his/her property.

Feeding The Homeless: For faith-based or religious groups conducting feedings as an expression of their religious beliefs, courts have found city restrictions on feedings an unconstitutional burden on religious expression.

Final Thoughts

Yes, the Homeless is a tough issue to deal with, but citizens live by the bible, and by the constitution. We take our own rights for granted and it is time we stand up for the rights of our own. I know that some homeless are moving away due to difficulties. Thanks to all those in our community who don’t wanna throw people out of our community just because they are too poor to live here.

Don’t Shame Homeless People! Help Them!

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