Mental Masturbation

Monday, April 9th, 2018 In Blog Mental Health

Over the past few weeks, I have had fun being able to be alone in my own bedroom and masturbate knowing that it is keeping my body at a healthy level of the chemicals that are healthy in our healthcare. Masturbation and orgasms help me with my muscles spams caused by cerebral palsy and allow me to get rid of the stressors of my daily life. It is a safe, free and effective way of letting the stress of my bullies go, while at the same time, it helps me relax.

The feeling of the warmth cumming out of my dick while I know my haters are on medications for their underlying psychopathic disorders. The feeling of the release of a pressure valve allows me to be medicated naturally by my own body’s chemicals, instead of using my mental illness as a crutch to get sympathy from people. Never in my life would I want to sit around on my computer all day mentally masturbating to other peoples’ pain. Mental masturbation is great until you cannot gain the satisfaction of what you are doing in society.

Mental masturbation is fine, up until someone gets hurt. Mental masturbating to my struggles is no joke, but my cure for the struggles I am having with bullies has only one cure, masturbation to my bullies tears.

Enjoy the natural orgasms,

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