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My Experience Bedwetting

Hello, I have been a bedwetter my whole life. I remember wearing pampers, then pullups, then goodnights, then depends pull ons, then depends with tabs, then fit right and now I just wear whatever I can find at thrift shops to keep me dry. I do use plastic pants some nights if the product is super cheap to add an extra layer of protection.

Anyway, I have cerebral palsy and it has been a struggle. Growing up it was always a problem. I got spanked a few times or grounded because I was wet in the mornings. There was a period of time that I didn’t want to wear diapers. I have tried all of the medications for it and can honestly say that it didn’t work. The meds I am on for my CP make it so I pee myself out of bed too. I feel it coming on and if I don’t act immediately I will most likely pee myself. If I hold it too long, I will poop myself a little bit on the way to the bathroom.

There have been accusations that I just come onto places to spam links, but I am just trying to start the discussion and end the stigma around wearing diapers to bed or even outside of bed. I like to call them incontinence supplies, because it makes it sound more professional. Stigma is real and during high school my mom would not allow them to give me diapers to wear at school. I basically had to go through high school. My biggest memory from that would have to be a girl in my marching band class asking me why I didn’t just wear diapers, as she laughed of course.

Sleeping over with friends, blah

I have had sleep overs where friends got peed on a couple of times, because they slept in my bed. That is what boys do when friends, we just make a big pile on the bed and sleep next to one another and play video games all night. PS1 games for the win. My friend didn’t mind. I slept over at his place and guess what I ruined the mattress and the mother never forgave me! Ugh, so anyways I didn’t mean to give my whole life story on wetting the bed.

I had vinyl sheets too but the dogs would always scratch them up. My Dad actually numbered the diapers at one point cause he didn’t think I was wearing them and if I didn’t produce a wet #1 on day #1 I would get spanked. My parents always thought of ways to find out how to get me to not pee. No drinking liquids before bed, I still peed. Pee before bed, still peed. Waking me up in the middle of the night, I was always wet. Also, did anyone ever have the experience of waking up wet and not wanting to get up because it would be too cold. Also with those vinyl sheets man, it would pool the urine.


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