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Cerebral palsy it’s something that I was born with. I didn’t have a choice, nobody has a choice with their disability. Today I would like to explain how society has helped me through policy changes. In the past it was a pre-existing condition to have cerebral palsy. Now I can go see a doctor due to President Obama’s affordable care act. I can be free again!

You cannot just choose what you were born with or who you are born as. I can’t just change the fact that I have cerebral palsy, anxiety, depression, graves disease, incontinence of the urine and then bowels, and I just pick what color of skin I have or my gender or my sexual orientation or my gender identity. We do not have a choice, we do not have the luxury it’s that people the body people have. If you are poor or middle class and you have cerebral palsy, you are most likely I’m not going to be negative here but there is a possibility that you’re not going to be excepted by society.

Throughout high school throughout grade-school and throughout my public education I was bullied a lot because I was seen as somebody that was inferior to the airport body eight people because I just didn’t fit in. I got tired easily because of my muscles. I urinated in kind of pooped on myself. It was a horrible time to be alive I was told to go on disability I was told that I shouldn’t go to college because I wouldn’t amount to anything and during that time I had a very loving mother that was a helicopter parent. I love my mother to death but when I was finally able to experience the world I was able to do so much more than even my high school teachers would give me credit for.

I was able to go to college, I was able to do AmeriCorps, I was able to be on the Dean’s list for six straight semesters, and I was able to graduate with a 4.0 GPA during my last semester at my college on my way to a bachelor’s degree. I am now in graduate school, and any time somebody finds out that I have cerebral palsy and that I am in graduate school they give me major props for that’s because it’s, it’s not a real feat for some of us with cerebral palsy or even some of the other conditions that I have.

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