Making Fun Of A Guys Junk To Make Him Feel Bad Is Wrong.

Monday, August 13th, 2018 In Blog Cerebral Palsy Relationships

It Shows Me That Bullying Of Image and Sexual Expectations Can Be Used Against Men Too.

Before you go off on me for being a terrible person who doesn’t like women and blah blah blah. Please realize that this post is focused on the bullying that men suffer with from their dating partners, be it male or female or transgendered. The size of one’s object does not mean that are a bad person and it shouldn’t come up in argument, yet I see it daily. Comment on a woman’s boobs and the alarm bells go off. Make fun of a guy’s junk and tell them how limp it is, hurts too. I am just trying to convey this message somewhere safe and my blog is safe for me.

I have said hurtful things to others in the past but it is no excuse to comment on my sexual organs. When commenting on sexual organs you are attacking someone’s dignity and respect. I try my hardest to not even think of it much but it just seems to me that we should grow up and stop being so mean to each other. Being called limp, is the male equivalent of being called a small breasted woman. Generally people who judge on looks and appearances don’t know the true difference of love. If you think you may have triggered this post, you have and I forgive you already, but please lets work on communications as a humanity.


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