Review: Medline Fit right Ultra Briefs (M/L)

4/5 stars

Okay so I have been reading reviews online for a product that gets a lot of crap because of the brand associated with it. Hear me out they aren’t actually terrible as a budget brand of diapers. Fitright ultra or super by Medline are awesome diapers. They come in a lot more sizes than humanly possible and guess what? I can literally flood them and yes of course they feel wet afterwards. There was a stupid amazon or yahoo review a couple months back that said they feel like wearing a wet sponge.
Nope they aren’t bad for a budget brief with tabs. I’d say they are even better than depends and attends in some retrospects. They are cloth-backed but guess what if you don’t like cloth backed and are on a pinch they sell plastic pants that will make them plastic backed! Like seriously. 10 bucks for 20 of them vs 30-40 for plastic backed ones. I bought three pairs of the whitest plastic pants out there on amazon for like 10 bucks and you can just hand wash and air dry.

Try them out!

So basically in this semi-review, you can make the cheap budget diapers work. Don’t do store brand, oh god please don’t do those unless they are given out for free. Medline’s other products are shit though, the unisex underwear are basically non-useful if you are a guy.
For poop, eww… I know. Medline super/ultra briefs hold more than expected and with the little ruffles it contains them. Someone said that they don’t contain the smell of poop very well. I’d recommend them to change the brief! 
I know ABDLs don’t really enjoy cheap diapers but for those of us who have problems, the fitright briefs are comfortable and aren’t noisy. As always I do recommend buying them from a thrift store (I got my first ones from a thrift store) or buy them. As for a star rating of some sort, I’d give them a 4/5 for trying. They were made specifically for the medicare price point and guess what, that is amazing that they even hold up this well.
The underwear from medline again suck, don’t even buy them. The briefs are as mentioned above better than expected. If you are looking for underwear I’d stick with the attends or depends.

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– Tommy


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  1. Hey Tommy,

    SO glad to see someone doing real reviews of all these incontinence products. I write about incontinence all the time, and one thing I encounter over and over is general confusion over the products. They all use language like “ultra” and “maximum,” but what does that really mean when it comes to absorbency? (Why I wrote a guide about what the marketing language really means).

    I agree with you about the retail: It’s ridiculously pricey. That’s why I thought you (and your readers) might be interested in a guide I put together for getting incontinence supplies on a low budget. It lists a bunch of resources for finding products across the country along with some insurance options a lot of people don’t know about. Here’s the link: Feel free to share it, and let me know if you’re interested in maybe doing a piece together. Thanks!

    • If you’d like, I could set you up with a guest blog account on here and you can share your experiences with that.
      Replying to your question on ultra and maximum, it is confusing as there isn’t a governing board or standard in the industry which is obviously a dice roll for us with issues. I’ll take a look at your resources and maybe I’ll link it here somehow!

      Warm regards,

    • Adding onto my reply: Tampons and pads have an industry wide scale, why not adult incontinence products? It is a shame… so if you are juggling 3-4 products, you could accidentally purchase an inferior product and suffer.

      • Exactly…and it’s easy to be misled by the packaging…absorbency scales are all established by the manufacturer, so it’s really easy for someone to get something they think is super absorbent, but it really isn’t. Not only that, but the shape of certain products don’t fit all body types, even if the size is correct. There’s no way to know that until you try them. Happens all the time, sadly.