Review: MedLine FitRight Stretch Ultra Briefs (Large)

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4.2/5 stars

Pink/purple color us a plus. I enjoy supplies with variety.

(Updated 10/2/18 with pictures) After my review of the MedLine Fitright Ultra Briefs, I thought I wouldn’t have found something quite as good for the budget department, but I was wrong. At a thrift store I saw a package of these lovely briefs for a good price, so I got them for about $2.00 and some change for twenty of them. That is about ten cents a brief, which didn’t set me back. I thought they were some sort of gimmick at first because they have one stretchy large tab instead of two or three like the other competitors. It fit very well and was actually one of the easiest briefs to put on standing. My advice would be to tape the velcro like tabs to your clothes first and then pull everything into place. Maybe I should do a video demonstration on them? Let me know down in the comment sections. The tab is unique to me and I believe they are pretty cool. The only downside is they do chafe a little bit and they are cut a little thinner than the ones with two tabs. I liked the fact they had a purple color to them, being a fan of different colored briefs myself.
What they look like, pink or light purple.

Give Them A Go!

These can fit a bit more snug than even the regular FitRight briefs, they are a little less noticeable too as they are a bit more discrete for some reason due to the extra snug fit. These would be perfect for those who need something a little more snug than the two tabs. The one tab is actually bigger than the two tabs combined, which is great. Again, with fecal matter, this type of brief does help contain the smell and with urine it does hold quite a bit. With plastic pants, you can boost them and they compare to the other larger briefs that hold more. They aren’t very noisy and I always recommend giving new types of briefs a try before buying them by getting samples from the company that sells them. Maybe finding a customer support email from MedLine or phone number to ask for a coupon too? If you reach out you may even get a free sample in the mail, you never know till you try. Again, don’t get the incontinence underwear from MedLine, they don’t work very well. Attends or Depends are great budget underwear for what you get. Get out there and try new products folks, we aren’t in the dark ages of adult products for incontinence!

The insides have nice leak barriers and feels soft to the touch.

The single tab on each side provides an easy stick.
Not bad Medline. This light pink purple is a nice color.

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