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Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 In Blog Updates

Having Fun With My Vids.

Having been making quite a few videos on Youtube, it has been quite a bit of fun doing so. We have an intro/outro for those newer videos that focus more on the adult incontinence products. Having done those, it has filled up my idea page in my journal. So we will be posting a little more content using YT.

  1. On Twitter, we are up to 296 followers and we usually will follow you back in time. We tend to only follow people who are following the blog. I’ve been tweeting a lot about politics, if you like that kind of jazz hit us up on there. Four from 300 guys!
  2. 28 likes on our Facebook which isn’t bad as we have been avoiding FB since they have been knowingly throttling pages. Also the scandals of late is gross….
  3. We do have a Google + but, apparently Google is having issues with even wanting to continue on with that. . . . yea it has been tough for Google to get a following on such a generic website. Tough to navigate, a lot of bots and not one person to actually talk to on the whole platform it seems.
  4. Youtube has 11 subs, after combining channels to just Colorful Asylum, I was able to purge the channel of unwanted old videos and add some fresh content. I am also adding some much needed title cards and thumbnails to videos.

    We uploaded five videos this week! Which is easier than I thought it would be too. Creating the videos was a headache though, because of high stress and anxiety. Afterwards I felt like I accomplished something I wasn’t able to do beforehand, which was awesome feeling.

  5. There are 308 subscribers to our website, mostly via social media follows and clicks. Our blog has been averaging around 50 views daily, which is up from a handful weeks ago!

Thank you for reading, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to us on Youtube.

Warm regards,

– Colorful Asylum


Video: My Adult Diaper Collection
Stay Tuned: Reviews and Much More Coming Soon

Colorful Asylum

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