10 Best Video Games I’ve Played on PS4

Friday, March 22nd, 2019 In Blog Gaming

Play These For Fun.

I am having a bit of fun playing video games this month and not blogging or having much luck in life in general, so I have been gaming a lot more. This means I have time to reflect on the top ten games I have ever played, seriously I am going to be hitting you guys with a lot of good games I’ve played.  I’m going to list the 10 games I’ve played on my PS4 that I enjoy. They are in no particular order at this time. I will also be noting some honorable mentions. I also linked the gaming pages so you can see me playing some of these before you buy!

Honorable mentions: Dead Rising 4, Heavy Rain, Life Is Strange, Tricky Towers, and Disc Jam.

Do you game on PlayStation 4, 3 or Vita? I do too, so add T11331578755 to your PlayStation friends list and we can game! I play Rocket League, Hitman, Tricky Towers and others. If you want you can also Email me.


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