Exercise With Incontinence

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Exercise and Incontinence Makes For An Interesting Topic.

I do exercise with my incontinence briefs on and it is easy to do. There are a lot of benefits to working out while experiencing incontinence issues. It is embarrassing to exercise with products on. It is often important to exercise and remain physically active. Even if we leak or have the occasional bowel incontinence. Even though we have these struggles, we should not give up. It may make our incontinence issues a better. No one should feel that they have to not be able to exercise, because of their medical condition. I urge people to go exercise. Find a friend to exercise with and try your hardest to not let the bullies get to you. Don’t allow the stigma get the best of you while you’re working out in your incontinence product of choice.

Women Often Struggle Too!

How do you women on their menstrual periods exercise? That is also an issue and a hygiene issue that they have to persevere through in order to get in shape. Women use Maxi pads, tampons, and other means to conceal their period blood. No one on this planet should shame you for wearing protection while you are working out. We need to end this stigma that you have to somehow not work out or be physically active if you wear a product. They have made wonderful strides in the incontinence supply market. There are pads and there are pull on briefs that will withstand a full work out. You no longer have to worry about the plastic diapers rubbing up on you while you’re working out.

Just Do It!

Finally, I would like to encourage everybody to go out and exercise There is no shame in working out, as it is a coping mechanism that will help in the long run. Your recovery is what you make of it, there is no one holding you back except for yourself. If there is an asshole that makes fun of you because you are wearing a diaper out in public. Ignore them, there are assholes out there that will try to make you feel bad about that. There comes a time when people need to grow up and mind their own business. If you are approached by somebody that is making fun of your incontinence supplies. Please remind them that you have a medical condition. It is not nice to make fun of people with medical conditions. If they keep harassing you over your medical condition. Talk to somebody that is in the gym that you’re working out in. If it gets bad, call the authorities and file a police report for a hate crime.

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