Stigma Surrounding Incontinence Is Real

Thursday, September 5th, 2019 In Blog Incontinence

End The Stigma!

Urinary incontinence discrimination is real by people who do not understand it. There many people I open up to about it. They ask me why I don’t just go to the bathroom correctly. Even in dating, I have found that my cerebral palsy doesn’t do as much damage. When a person finds out that I wear adult diapers to protect myself from accidents, they sour on me as a prospect. There was a period of time in my life that I would just wet myself in underwear and deal with the mocking of me smelling of urine. Also, the fact it is a medical and health issue that leads to people misunderstanding the consequences of it. I used to be scared of wearing diapers or incontinence supplies due to the stigma surrounded them.

I always thought of them as things that babies only wore. It was frustrating until a few years ago when companies started making products that look like regular underwear. Regular underwear doesn’t have the padding that the disposable underwear or briefs do have. There is a crisis in this country as people discourage incontinence supplies being used by incontinence sufferers. Please don’t incontinence shame someone because their bladder muscles don’t  cooperate. In the end we must come together to end stigma. Do you know someone with urinary incontinence, if so let us know.


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Incontinence Supplies From Thrift Stores

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