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Thrifting To Test Products

I bought attended underwear, fit right super briefs large and a generic brand of incontinence briefs. Overall, it was great because I only spent less than ten dollars on sixty dollars worth of supplies. Finding our my incontinence progressed over the past couple of months has been hard. Being self aware of people and I really don’t like wearing products out in public. In reality, I will place my reviews on my incontinence supply review page. I find that going to thrift stores helps me find the products that I would like to try out or I find gems! Overall the products are amazing and can hold the urine effectively. There are quite a bit of ones I am only going to use around the house. Having this problem my whole life has taught me valuable lessons about what to look for and feel for when thrifting.

What I generally look for is thickness, if I want to try the brand out and the value of it. If it is marked down to two dollars for 20 briefs, I will always take a gamble on a lesser known brand.  I don’t mind the color as much either, so if they are hot pink, I am going to grab them. Products come in a lot of colors like off-white, peach, vanilla, blue, green and others. So if you don’t like the color, wear them at home like I do with the blue ones. I have also found a few thrift stores I prefer over others. Beware some stores will mark items up without knowing. I usually google a product before buying it and compare the prices. If it is 80+% off I will buy one of the packages. Don’t buy all them, unless you are sure of the product!


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