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Thursday, November 28th, 2019 In Blog Incontinence Reviews

A couple of years ago I created a review for the Medline Fit Right Briefs. I’ve changed my mind on some of the aspects of the brief. After reviewing so many adult diapers on this website, I’ve decided to revisit. I decided to edit this for more up-to-date information on the product. After reading various different reviews online about this product, I’ve come to the conclusion that this brand gets a lot of negative reviews wrongly. Generally, this brand is rated below average and gets a lot of crap from those who don’t use them daily for their own incontinence issues.

They aren’t terrible as a budget brand of incontinence briefs. Fit Right Ultra by Medline are awesome briefs that don’t cost a lot of money. You can find them at thrift stores if you are lucky. They come in various sizes and work pretty well when you have an accident by flood them. They aren’t terrible for a budget brief with tabs, they are even better than Depend/Attends for holding 

Try Medline Fit Right Ultra out!

You can make the budget adult diaper briefs work.  Medline’s other products aren’t as good, though the unisex underwear are basically non-useful if you are a guy as they don’t leave much room for the penis to be adjusted. For fecal incontinence they do very well in my opinion. Medline super/ultra briefs hold more than expected and with the little ruffles it contains them. An Amazon reviewer said that they don’t contain the smell of feces very well. I’d recommend changing the brief if you have a fecal accident in them to avoid rashes.
I know budget diapers aren’t popular among some circles but for those of us who have to wear diapers daily, the Fit Right briefs are comfortable and aren’t noisy. As always I do recommend buying them from a thrift store (I got my first ones from a thrift store) or buy them. As for a star rating of some sort, I give the Medline Fit Right Ultra an A-. They were made specifically for the Medicare price point and hold both urine and fecal matter impressively.

Overall Grade: A-

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