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Reliable,Comfortable and Affordable.

Update on June 27th, 2018: I have been wearing the Depend Underwear for Men for about two months. This has been a very eye-opening experience as I feel more confident wearing them than before. No need to worry about people noticing because no one is really going to pay attention. No one has noticed them any different from my regular underwear. One thing that I have noticed is they do hold up better than people say they do.

Wearing incontinence supplies full-time away from my home and I can say that it has been a blessing. I have actually saved myself from wetting myself a few times and that is a lot of times. There are a lot of facts about life that are just getting in the way of things. Here is my review of this wonderful product that gets a lot of negative reviews. Don’t listen to those negative reviews if you are looking for something affordable yet useable.

Comfort Level: 4.5/5 Depend Underwear For Men feel real and I don’t even realize I am wearing them half the time. No one has commented about me wearing them, which is awesome and they do wick away moisture pretty well. The only thing that sucks is sometimes they do break down and the absorbent material does get onto my private parts, it burns a little bit.

Durability: 3.5/5 Honestly they do break down a bit, even if I don’t wet them and I am active quite a bit, they will still start to fall apart on me. This may be the fault of the manufacturer or the batch of disposable underwear.  It takes quite a bit for this to happen but still, they aren’t meant for use for longer than 12 or so hours. I re-rated these with the update.


I’d like to see the Depend’s male underwear come up a little higher with their absorbent padding. This is because it feels like the padding could miss unless you have your penis pointed downwards. This is a male issue only but since it is underwear for men, make sure your penis is pointed downwards guys. They are also a grey color, which is kind of not the best color and makes me feel like an older person, it is better than the white diaper color though. I will say that they hold extremely well compared to the other budget underwear, but the look is just bland for Depend.

Another complaint for Depend is the waistband comes up a little too high, so it is hard to actually hide them as opposed to real underwear. That no one has noticed them so far on me in life. I left it in but no one has noticed it!


Me wearing a Depend for Men Underwear

I’d like to highlight that Depend is on every store shelf in town that I have seen. They do come in large packs of 72, which is how I got mine. The Depend Underwear For Men are one of the most readily available products out there and with minor or medium incontinence you could use these and still pull off a great lifestyle.

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