Ranking my 100% Completions and Platinum Trophies on PlayStation

Friday, December 6th, 2019 In Blog Gaming

Getting Platinum Trophies Has Been Hard Fun.

(Platinum Trophies Updated: September of 2018)

Between classes, work, life, and relationships I play a lot of video games. It is part of my life and I’d have to say I am a gamer. That is my identity. This is based on how much I enjoyed the game and how hard it was to get the platinum.

Note: Because of DLC I do not have 100% on all of the games. Example: Rocket League released new content, which brings me back down to 97%, but I still have the platinum trophy.

Ranked: From Favorite To Not

Fallout 4: 98% complete due to DLC.

I have so many fanboy items in my apartment from Bethesda it isn’t funny. I am a true Fallout fan as I own all the main games in the franchise. Fallout 4 was so much fun and I spent 100s of hours on it since 2015. I stood in line when it was cold out to get it early.

Rocket League98% after the new DLC (I will probably get it back to 100% later this month or so)

Rocket league is a fun little soccer type game with RC cars. Easy platinum if you know what you’re doing but enjoying the game is the goal. No pun intended.

Life Is Strange

This game allows you to rewind time and think about the choices you’ve made. The story is so sad, like the area of the game where one of the main characters totally changes due to rewinds and flow of the narrative.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

Good like Life Is Strange, but it wasn’t as good seeing it is a prequel. Your magical power? Talking back to people! LOL!


In depth storyline, I enjoyed playing as Batman in an action adventure. There is a lot that I do not want to spoil, but it shows what two-face was like when he was a decent politician!

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

A decent game mocking B-level Sci-fi films of the 60s, 70s and 80s. I enjoyed this platinum.

The Walking Dead Season 1 99% with DLC

I originally played this on my PS3, my first platinum trophy back when The Walking Dead was cool and popular.

My Name Is Mayo (PS4)

Easy game where you click the screen. I am shocked it had a platinum trophy.

My Name is Mayo (PS Vita)

I did it a second time on my Vita. Two platinum trophies for the price of one, nice.

Bonus Read: Games I Have Beaten Without A Platinum Trophy

Note: These do not include a Platinum Trophy at the end.

Hitman 2016

Having enjoyed the storyline behind agent 47, I was disappointed that it did not include a platinum trophy though. I look forward to Hitman 2, which I preordered for the fall. Can’t wait for it.

Disc Jam

Had fun throwing discs around. Reminded me of tennis with discs. Fun stuff, online game.

Titan Attacks

Old arcade style shooter, not much fun. No platinum because it is probably not intended to have one. 

Level 22 (PS Vita) 

Fun retro arcade style game, where you try to sneak into your office to avoid being caught being late for work. 

Actual Sunlight (PS Vita) 

Fun retro arcade style game, where you try to sneak into your office to avoid being caught being late for work. 

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