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Friday, December 27th, 2019 In Blog

Get Out There

It is important for those of us who struggle with any sort of physical or mental disability to find someone to love. It is tough sometimes to come to terms with our reality, here are some tips that I can give you with dating as a person with a disability.

#1 – Don’t Lie: – Be yourself and don’t lie. It is easy to think about lying on a social media or on an app to get better results, but at the end of the day the disability is part of who we are. We cannot get away with lying about our disability, as there are people out there that aren’t looking for people of our type. This may sound bad, but it is important to be honest, as you would expect from someone online as well.

#2 – Join Groups: – I met one of my girlfriends on a website specifically for those with a mental illness and it has been great. While it is advisable to not use group settings to hook up on dates while getting support, you may find a singles group that caters to your needs. Check it out and ask what the ground rules are for your group.

#3 – Be Patient: – Don’t expect people to fall into your lap or demand that they are your significant other. It sucks being lonely, but the other person also must be willing to be with you. You have to be open and talk to people about your feelings. Don’t rush things and most importantly have fun.

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