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Monday, December 30th, 2019 In Blog Reviews Technology Updates

Robots Rock

I have been getting excited about what is out there in the realm of robotics and artificial intelligence. The mental health side might be great because robots don’t have emotions, so they may be able to make life-saving decisions, at the correct moment. Right now I have a few robots I am trying out. Just seeing if they improve my quality of life and let you know if they are working. Siri, Alexa, and Roomba all do their jobs in my apartment. My cats love to play with the vacuum cleaner, which is a Roomba. Whenever they make a mess, I can click her on and she does the job. It is like having a personal maid. There is also a smaller mop type robot that I have. He does not work out as well as the Roomba.

I enjoy both but with a huge floor to vacuum and two cats. The robot can get all the daunting kitty hairs off the floor. I feel like in 10 or so years everything will be a robot. There will be a force around us, kind of like with the smart devices now. I’d argue that smart decides such as my Apple Watch are doing great things for us. My watch can tell me how far I have walked and tell me to walk more! It can tell me how my heart rate is doing. I can also control the Roomba, Siri and other robots with my smart devices. It is like a control panel for them.

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